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Healthy, Happy Tip :Be glad-think on good things!

Tofufaq: plus 20 Free Tofu Recipes
Do you think tofu is too healthy? Click here for Twinkies Project
International Food Information Council
The Ohio Soybean Council: It's "Soyence!"
(Nutritional) Orthomolecular Medicine Online


How good are your vitamins, herbs, supplements? Check http://www.consumerlab.com to find out.

Search multiple health databases, by disease or condition, at http://www.diseasesdatabase.com/disease_index_d.asp .

Contact Partnership for Prescription Assistance, http://www.pparx.com ; 888-477-2669, to see if you are eligible for any of 275 different programs that can help Americans save money on prescriptions.

How Good Is Your Hospital? Hospital Report Cards:

      America's Best Hospitals, http://www.usnews.com

      Consumer's Checkbook, http://www.checkbook.org

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, http://www.jcaho.org

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